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Posted By Scott at 9/13/2013 9:40 AM

Hey there, glad you could make it. Can I get you anything to drink? A snack perhaps? Excellent!

So the main focus of my online presence has been, for over a decade now, my illustration and comic work. The problem I've had for a while is that this paints me into a corner. While I love art, and drawing, and talking about drawing, it's not the whole of my being so to speak. I love movies and music and video games. I write stories, poems, song lyrics and, although it's taken a back seat over the years, I write music. My day job finds me creating web sites and web applications. So I end up in a lot of technical conversations, waxing ecstatic about all sorts of tech topics like web apps, mobile apps, and all the gadgets that get thrown out into the market. However, most people that find me online, or anyone that I have an online rapport with knows me for art.

The other sort of rub there seems to be the fact that I find myself perhaps not writing in my own voice when I talk about art. A lot of art writing is very dour, touching upon light sources and mood and tools used... which is great if you're focusing on art, but I'm not focused on art all the time. Sometimes I spend a week or more working on something else. So what do I do about that?

Why, start another blog of course! So what I've done is relabelled the old "blog" to "sketchbook". The content will be almost exactly the same, and hopefully update more frequently (ahem). The new blog will be called "words". This new blog will contain all the other things I mentioned above, and probably update far more frequently than "sketchbook", because I can type (and think... sometimes) far faster than I can create a drawing or finished illustration piece.

Sound cool? Awesome! Hoping you like what I'm trying to do here, and looking forward to getting some feedback.

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